Open Banking Workshop

For strategic decision makers to raise awareness about the upcoming changes and facilitate

hands-on exercises to build your business case.

Open Banking Workshops are for companies who can benefit to shortcut the middle man in the financial ecosystem and wants to be proactive in shaping their business instead of being shaped by it.

Chaning The Banking & Financial Landscape

Banking and financial landscape will radically change in 2019 with the new PSD2 directive and Open Banking. PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive) will end the bank’s monopoly on bank account information and payment services. PSD2 enables any company to handle payments. Your company’s financial interaction both internally and with customers should be adopted to the upcoming wave. A huge European financial market opens for new service providers to take a part of the financial multi billion market.

Chaning The Fiancial Interaction

Open Banking will transform the banking and financial landscape. Just as mobile telecom changed the daily lives of everybody, Open Banking will change people´s financial interactions.

Strategic Decision Making

The workshop provides strategic decision making by sharing and clarifying strategic knowledge of PSD2 and Open Banking, exploring the most important opportunities and threats coming your way and work with you to build action plans so your company can proactively leverage Open Banking in your industry.

Making Proactie Desicions

PSD2 and Open Banking enables your company to make a proactive decision on how to leverage the changes in the financial ecosystem, benefit from the real time customer account information and payment services by utilizing the API and partnering with financial industry. 

Stragegy Planning

We offer two workshops for strategic decision makers to raise awareness about the upcoming changes and facilitate hands-on exercises to build your business case.



3 hours session for up to 8 decision-makers. Outcomes of the workshop for participants:

– Be prepared to understand PSD2 and make strategic decisions on Open Banking.

– Build high-level business case and action plan on Open Banking 



1 day session for your financial and business experts of the company to explore specific opportunities for the rganisation. Outcomes of the workshop for participants:

– Explored various ways to leverage on PSD2 directive.

– Identify the best and most fitting direction to move forward.

– Created tangible solution plans that can be evaluated in a business case. 

Your Next Seps

In addition to workshops, BankTech offers an engagement with your company and selected partners to implement solutions to leverage the best opportunities based on your company requirements.