Powering Banking Transformation


Innovation in Banking is about transformation of the banking and financial landscape.


Financial products and services by offering what customers actually need and want.


Enable new products and services, greater agility, increased security and reliability, greater transparency and lower costs.


Just as Personal Computer, Internet and mobile telecom changed the daily lives of everybody, next generation Banking will change peopleĀ“s financial interactions.

Reza Mirza

As the founder of, I am deeply committed to driving innovation and technology in the banking industry. My goal is to transform the banking and financial landscape and pave the way for next-generation financial market infrastructures.

Banking transformation is all about reimagining financial products and services to offer customers exactly what they need and want. Through innovation, we can create new products and services that offer greater agility, increased security and reliability, improved transparency, and lower costs.

With over 29 years of experience in IT and telecom, including as an active contributor to the telecom industry and as a Danish service provider, I am uniquely positioned to drive transformation in the banking sector. Since 2018, I have been focused on fintech and innovation and technology in banking.

I strongly believe that just as personal computers, the internet, and mobile telecommunications have changed our daily lives, next-generation banking will revolutionize the way we interact with our finances.

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